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Trucking Company Suing Amtrak for Crash

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susan_harr6 years ago

John Davis Trucking Co., the employer of the truck driver who crashed into an Amtrak train in Nevada last month, has filed suit against Amtrak and Union Pacific, claiming that they failed to warn drivers of an oncoming train and did not properly maintain their railroad crossings. This is just the latest twist in the complicated case, which is likely to take years to sort out.

About the Case

On June 24, an Amtrak commuter train travelling from Chicago to San Francisco was involved in a deadly accident when an 18-wheeler crashed into the side of the train, killing six people and injuring dozens of others.

Amtrak filed a lawsuit against John Davis Trucking Co. after the accident occurred, claiming that the company should have trained its drivers better. The trucking company countersued, maintaining that the accident was not the fault of its drivers, but of the train operators- as they did not do their job to “properly warn drivers of the oncoming train,” the Associated Press is reporting. They also included Union Pacific in the suit, as they are responsible for maintaining the railroad.

John Davis Trucking Co. is also facing several wrongful death lawsuits from the family members of crash victims and lawsuits from two Amtrak employees who were injured in the crash. Amtrak has also been sued by at least one victim, who claimed that the train company was partially responsible because it locked one of the passenger doors, which prevented victims from escaping.

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