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Two Die of Electrocution in Connecticut Accident

Zaha Irfan3 years ago

The owner of Folsom Construction, Loyd Folsom, and his employee Conor Betts were electrocuted after a dump truck bed hit electrical wires in South Windsor Wednesday. 

Two Workers Die after Electrocuted

Betts, 22, received electrical shocks while he was operating a dump truck. He was reportedly electrocuted when he raised the dump bed and it touched wires.

55 year old Folsom ran to his employee’s rescue after he saw that he was in danger, and was electrocuted in the process of trying to save him.

Laura Briggs, an officer manager at the company performed CPR and rescue breathing, while a co-worker preformed chest compressions upon waiting for the arrival of the medics.

A CL&P crew later arrived at the scene and turned off the electricity so that medics could provide treatment to the two victims. According to Lt. Scott Custer, both individuals suffered electrical burns from the impact of the shocks – both men were also in cardiac arrest as they were rushed to nearby hospitals. 

They were pronounced dead upon arrival.

Authorities Investigate the Fatal Accident

Investigations from local detectives, truck inspectors from a regional traffic team and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are still pending.

Folson Construction is a company that does construction and infrastructure work. It had previously won the Business Partnership Award for completing several notable projects in the South Windsor area.

Friends, family, and co-workers described Loyd Folsom as a generous man that had made a positive impact on his community.  


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