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Two Fire Fighters Killed, 13 Injured in 9-alarm Fire in Boston

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Two fire fighters are dead and at least 13 more injured after a fire engulfed an apartment building in Boston on Wednesday.

Details of the Deadly Fire

A report from CBS News says that two fire fighters died while fighting a 9-alarm fire that broke out in Boston’s Back Bay area on Wednesday afternoon. An additional 13 fire fighters were injured in the blaze as well as several police officers. Occupants had to be rescued from the burning building, but none sustained injuries.

Wind gusts over 40mph helped spread the deadly fire quickly throughout the four-story building and made fighting the flames difficult. According to reports, Lt. Edward J. Walsh, 43, and Michael R. Kennedy, 33, became trapped in the basement shortly after entering the burning building. Kennedy was found 30 minutes after a mayday call was sent out by the pair, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The body of Walsh was not recovered until later.

Other fire fighters sustained injuries after a backdraft explosion blew them down stairs, according to Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Finn. This was the first fire fighter fatality in Boston since 2009.

The 9-alarm fire, the highest alarm Boston has, drew over 150 fire fighters to fight the blaze. Authorities are asking that people continue to avoid the area and have established the Boston Public Library as a place for those affected by the fire to get assistance.

Fire Fighter Fatality Statistics

According to the U.S. Fire Administration:

  • 83 on-duty fire fighters died in the U.S. in 2012
  • Heart attack or stroke was the cause of death for 49% of fire fighter fatalities.
  • 11 fire fighters died in association with wildfires. 


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