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TX Strip Club Hit with $10.5M Verdict After Woman Dies in Parking Lot

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Karis Rozof4 years ago

DALLAS, TX – A woman leaving a strip club late at night on March 17, 2011 was run over by a drunk driver in the parking lot. According to court records, medics administered CPR but the 23 year-old college student was later declared dead on the scene.

Drunk Driver of Pickup Attempted Hit and Run

  • The driver of the fatal accident did not see the victim when he started the engine and pulled forward in his truck running her over.
  • Bystanders started screaming at the driver and were able to chase him down.
  • Two hours after the accident the driver failed a field sobriety test with a blood alcohol level between .18 and .22.
  • The driver pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
  • His previous probation for drug possession was revoked.
  • He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Jury Finds Driver & Strip Club Negligent

The defendant reportedly consumed 5 mixed drinks and shots within one hour at the club. He was there for a total of four hours of which the prosecution argued he was obviously visibly intoxicated. However, they claimed that the staff failed to notice his dangerous signs of intoxication.

  • The plaintiff sued the driver for driving while intoxicated and not paying attention. He was found 30% negligent.
  • They also sued the strip club for serving alcohol in a manner that violated Texas’ dram shop laws. They were found 70% negligent.
  • Neither attended the trial.
Plaintiff’s Parents and Estate Awarded $10.5M
  • The estate was awarded $511,125.75.
  • Each parent was awarded $5,025,000.
  • The total awarded the plaintiff was $10,561,175.75.
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