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TxDOT Launches Motorcycle Safety Campaign

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Cydney Patterson1 year ago

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has launched an awareness campaign in recognition of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Background of the Motorcycle Safety Campaign

A recent campaign launched in Texas, called Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcyclists, is a way for officials to advertise for the safety of motorcyclists all across the state of Texas.The goal for this campaign is not only to provide safe tips for motorcyclists in Texas, but all across the United States.

On average, there is one fatal motorcycle crash per day in the Texas. In 2015, there were around 4,400 deaths due to motorcycle accidents in the U.S. and 455 motorcycle-related deaths in Texas.

Errors by Other Drivers are the Main Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

The main causes for motorcycle accidents in the United States are the crashing of cars and trucks into the motorcycles.Data suggests motorcyclists are often injured in in crashes caused by a misjudgment by the driver of another vehicle. Cars and trucks are significantly bigger than the average motorcycle, meaining the motorcyclists most often end up with serious injuries. 

Drivers of cars or trucks often misjudge exactly how far the motorcycle is actually away from the car because the small size of motorcycles. As such, they may appear farther away than they actually are.

Protecting Motorcyclists While on the Road

The following guidelines were offered by TxDOT:

  • Give motorcyclists ample space to move.
  • Avoid distractions
  • Look twice
  • Educate your passengers
  • Check your mirrors
  • Never follow a motorcyclist to closely
  • Use your signals
  • Always assume that they are closer than they appear.


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