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UK Not Satisfied with Clinical Trial Transparency

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to Times Higher Education, Members of Parliament (MPs) of the United Kingdom have issued a report stating that they are not satisfied with current clinical trial transparency and are asking that regulatory actions put in place for the National Health Service (NHS).

Proposal for More Transparency in Clinical Trials

“Many of the trials taking place today are unregistered and unpublished, meaning that the information that they generate remains invisible to both the scientific community and the public.” – Andrew Miller, House of Commons science and technology committee chair as published by Times Higher Education

  • Similar to the United States, the United Kingdom does not currently require pharmaceutical companies to publish findings for clinical trials, even if those trials are connected to NHS treatments.
  • This leads to companies publishing trials with positive results and withholding clinical trials that show negative results.
  • These sorts of tactics, according to MP Andrew Miller, undermine the public trust, slow medical progress and put patients at risk.
  • As such, the bipartisan House of Commons science and technology committee is demanding that the findings of all trials conducted on NHS treatments or that receive any type of public funding must be published in a scientific journal whether those findings are positive or negative.

Need for Global Consistancy in Clinical Trial Regulation

  • The Members of Parliament that are serve on the science and technology committee are urging a collective global effort to gather, publish and share clinical trial data.
  • There are currently discussions of making revisions to the European Clinical Trial Directive and the committee is encouraging the government to consult further with the European Medicines Agency.
  • Miller warns that global consistency is necessary pointing out that if the United Kingdom’s transparency requirements are distinctively stricter than European or U.S. requirements, pharmaceutical companies will simply conduct their trials elsewhere.
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