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Untreated Childhood Partial Deafness Carries Consequences

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Morgan Crider2 years ago

According to a report published in Medscape, childhood one-sided deafness that goes untreated can lead to reorganization of developing hearing pathways in the brain. It has also been linked with poorer language development and educational outcomes.

Details about Untreated Childhood Partial Deafness

Karen Gordon of Archie’s Cochlear Implant Laboratory at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada reports in regards to partial deafness in children that, “without normal hearing from both ears, they experience deficits locating sounds around them”.

A child with partial hearing loss in one ear tends to have difficulty hearing what his mother is saying when there are other people or noises in the room. Children may also risk performing poorly with vocabulary and simple sentence structure – additionally, they may suffer from delayed speech and language development.

Partial deafness in children often goes untreated due to a lack of information, according to Dayse Tavora-Vieira of the University of Western Australia in West Perth.  Tavora-Veira reports, “the implications of unilateral hearing loss/deafness have been historically underestimated by professionals and this has reflected on how they counsel parents”.

Treatment and Statistics of Childhood Partial Deafness

As of right now, children with hearing loss can be treated with a cochlear implant, particularly for significant deafness. A cochlear implant uses a bone anchored hearing aid similar to a radio-enabled ear bud that goes into the hearing ear.

Methods for treating partial deafness can vary in cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the case, according to Tavora-Veira. Nonetheless, it is recommended that treatment and therapy be assigned as soon as possible.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey in 2009, close to two in every 1,000 babies have some form of deafness discovered in early life by test screening. 


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