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Used-Car Dealers and Rental Agencies Not Required to Repair Recalled Vehicles

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Rental and used vehicles may not be repaired, warns a new report in the Boston Globe. Currently, no law exists mandating that used-car dealers and rental agencies make repairs to recalled vehicles. With 11.3 million vehicles recalled in the first four months of this year alone, unrepaired used vehicles could spell disaster for unsuspecting drivers.

Pressure to Repair Used Vehicles

In the aftermath of the GM ignition switch recall, concerns have been mounting over the possibility of unrepaired and unsafe vehicles remaining on roadways. Dealerships insist “that not all recalls require immediate attention,” but many maintain that argument falls flat considering the entire point of a recall is to address safety issues.

There are currently two efforts to force dealerships and rental companies to make the repairs before selling or renting recalled vehicles.

The first is a Senate bill proposed in 2011 that would apply only to rental cars. Efforts to pass the bill have languished, however, and it is generally thought the bill does not have enough support to pass.

The second effort is part of a recently proposed transportation budget plan called the Grow America Act. Part of the lengthy act contains provisions that would require dealerships and rental firms to make repairs to recalled vehicles before selling or renting them. 


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