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Wanted Man Involved in Chattanooga Trucking Accident

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Brian Hendricks2 years ago

According to an investigation conducted by a Chattanooga, Tennessee news team, a truck driver named Benjamin Scott Brewer is wanted in Rock County, Wisconsin. Last week, Brewer was involved in an eight vehicle crash that left six people dead.

Information about the Investigation

WRCB-TV reports Brewer, 39, was arrested in Janesville, Wisconsin in 2013. According to authorities, Brewer was in possession of an illegally obtained prescription for Oxycodone and Ibuprofen. Brewer reportedly called several different pharmacies, trying to fill his fake prescriptions.

When Brewer was arrested, he was with a man named Jorge Ojeda-Morgado, who was trying to obtain Oxycodone and Zanaflex. At the time of the arrest, Brewer was also in possession of Gabapentin, a prescription drug used to treat epilepsy.

Janesville police also found evidence that Brewer was illegally distributing Oxycodone and other prescription pills. After looking through Brewer’s phone, police found text messages that showed specific dollar amounts for individual pills.

After Brewer’s arrest, he was released on bond and assigned a court date. However, he failed to show up, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. However, the charge was only a misdemeanor. As a result, Rock County officials cannot pursue Brewer across state lines.

About the Fatal Crash

Brewer reportedly drives a semi-truck for a company called Cool Runnings Express. Last week, Brewer was driving in Chattanooga, Tennessee with Morgado as a passenger when he was involved in an eight vehicle crash. The crash left six people dead, but Brewer and Morgado were unharmed.

Chattanooga police are working closely with the Tennessee Highway Patrol to determine whether Brewer was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol during the accident. Until then, Brewer is a free man.

The day before the fatal accident in Tennessee, Brewer was in another accident in Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol gave him a citation for careless driving and then let him continue on his way.

National Trucking Accident Statistic

The following information has been provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • In 2012, a total of 3,921 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks
  • An additional 104,000 people were injured
  • Large trucks were responsible for 8% of all fatal crashes
  • 81% of these crashes involved more than one large truck
  • About 18% of truck drivers involved in fatal crashes had received at least one speeding ticket prior to the accident


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