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Welder Compensated Following Construction Accident

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Brooke Shroyer2 years ago

A welder in the December 2010 BP oil rig construction accident was permanently injured and given almost $1 million in compensation decided on by the jury in Clark County.

Details of the Oil Rig Accident

According to the Columbian, Charles Pamplin was a welder hired to work on the BP oil rig headed to Alaska by ship. Pamplin fell off scaffolding that was not secured properly in the Thompson Metal Fab yard in Vancouver.

The jury believed the companies associated with the oil rig should be held responsible for the scaffolding that was not fastened to the building at all, which caused the welder to fall. He shattered his left foot as well as heel. After this accident, Pamplin had chronic pain and restricted movement of his foot.

The trial lasted only seven days with a short jury deliberation, which was brought to a decision Monday evening. Pamplin received around $947,180 to cover the injuries he suffered through the faults of the defendants. Pamplin’s lawyer reasoned that the fall could have been completely avoided if the company inspected regulations.

Safway Corp. was in charge of the oil rig.  Pamplin’s lawyer claims that Safway Corp. was a year behind schedule with limited workers. Pamplin’s lawyer also says that no one fastened the scaffolding to the building or posted any kind of warning note to workers.

Companies Responsible for the Accident

Pamplin was working on an 11-foot scaffolding to weld. Pamplin’s lawyer later climbed back onto the scaffolding to retrieve his sweater. The scaffolding then collapsed. Safway Corp. has been charged with placing workers at high risk of injury in unregulated environments.

Pamplin’s lawyer claimed that Pamplin attempted to return to his welding job, but was unable due to the injuries. The lawyer expressed that Pamplin lost his job and health due to an incapacitation with chronic pain that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Pamplin filed his personal injury complaint in February.

The companies responsible for the accident and listed as defendants include Safway Services Inc. of Delaware, Parker Technology Inc. of Oklahoma, Parker Drilling Management Services Inc. of Nevada, Parker Drilling Co. of Delaware and Vancouver-based Thompson Metal Fab Inc.


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