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Woman Awarded $1M for Medical Malpractice

Rishika Reddy5 years ago

A 45-year-old woman who was left permanently disabled after a botched foot surgery has been awarded more than $1 million for surgical error and medical malpractice.

Surgical Error and Medical Malpractice

In 2008, the plaintiff underwent the two surgeries to correct Charcot foot: a condition that weakened the bones of her right foot. As a result of the operations, the arch in the plaintiff’s right foot collapsed and she had to undergo an additional four surgeries to correct the damage.

Following the surgery, the plaintiff experienced episodic pain, was unable to walk on her own, and lost range of motion in her right foot.

Lawsuit and Verdict Information

  • The woman sued the doctor, claiming that he did not properly perform the initial surgeries and that he did not properly address the woman's condition.
  • The jury found that the doctor departed from accepted standards of medical care ruled in favor of the plaintiff.
  • The jury awarded the plaintiff $1,225,000 which included $900,000 for past pain and suffering and $325,000 for future pain and suffering.
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