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Woman Continues Recovery after Being Struck By Drunk Driver 5 Years Ago

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Nick Slovikoski2 years ago

Sarah Coreas of Galveston, Texas is still recovering from a traumatic brain Injury sustained in an early morning accident involving a drunk driver in Galveston.

About the Drunk Driving Accident

According to reports, a red Range Rover, driven by Omar Ortiz, struck Coreas’ car on 61st Street near the Interstate 45 overpass at about 7 a.m. Ortiz was drunk at the time and briefly fled from police.

Coreas’ car was mangled and she sustained traumatic brain injuries. Corea now resides in The Meridian, an assisted living center in Galveston. She spends most of her time there, but loves joining her family for special occasions and holidays.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 2.5 million people sustained traumatic brain injuries in 2010. Injuries ranged from mild to severe, and added up to nearly $77 billion in medical costs.

Life After the Accident

Coreas was dead for several minutes at the scene before being rushed to the hospital. Now, at age 24, Sarah Coreas is one of the youngest residents at The Meridian.

She is unable to sit up or walk and has a feeding tube and a has a tracheostomy to help with breathing.

Her family remains optimistic despite what doctors have told them. Her father Aaron said “It's not that I don't believe medically what the doctors say is true, but I think at some point God steps in.”

It is nearly impossible for researchers to determine if the speech and motor skills will ever recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Complications such as pneumonia or fevers have put Sarah back in the ICU several times.

Sarah’s family says they have forgiven Ortiz for the accident. Ortiz is serving a ten year prison sentence after failing to pay the over $800,000 restitution he was ordered to pay to defray medical costs.


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