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Woman Dragged Three Miles Underneath Car

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Jonathan Hernandez2 years ago

A woman has suffered “most likely fatal” injuries after she is dragged underneath a car for more than three miles in Boston.

Details about the Pedestrian Accident in Boston

A 48-year-old woman has suffered severe injuries after she was hit by a car in Chinatown in Boston and dragged about three miles to a spot on Columbia Road, according to the Boston Herald.

Massachusetts State Police were called to the scene at about 2:15 a.m. Monday near the off ramp from Interstate 93 south on Columbia Road to a report of a pedestrian that was hit by a car. The woman was one of two victims that were hit at the location in Chinatown, according to a statement released by State Police spokesman David Procopio.

Procopio also said that the male victim suffered serious injuries but is expected to live. The female victim suffered severe traumatic injuries but she was alive when she was transported to the hospital. Procopio further added that the woman’s injuries were most likely fatal.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested after the accident and was charges with two counts of leaving the scene of a collision that caused personal injury.

Hit-and-Run Accidents in the United States

According to USA Today:

  • The number of fatal hit-and-run crashes increased 13 percent from 2009-2011.
  • The 13 percent increase in hit-and-run fatalities happened while there was an overall decrease in traffic fatalities.
  • Los Angeles has the highest percentage of hit-and-run accidents – in 2009, 48 percent of accidents in Los Angeles were hit-and-run accidents.


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