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Woman Killed in San Antonio Trucking Accident

Elsie Aniekwe1 year ago

Authorities are investigating a fatal accident in which a motorist collided head-on with an 18-wheeler.

Details of the Fatal San Antonio Accident

According to a reporter for the San Antonio Express-News, a woman in her 30s was killed instantly during a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler truck in San Antonio, Texas. 

The woman was reported to be driving in the wrong lane when the unfortunate incident took place. The accident occurred on South Presa Street near Graf Road. 

Local law enforcement said they discovered an opened alcoholic beverage in the woman’s car; they also reported the driver of the 18-wheeler unharmed.

NHTSA Impaired Driving Reports

The following information was provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • Data from the National Roadside Surveys (NRS) show a declining trend in the use of alcohol from the first survey in 1973 on to the most recent one in 2013– 2014.
  • The surveys found huge variances between the day of week and the time of day and the chance of drivers being alcohol positive or having an illegal blood alcohol level.
  • Fewer drivers (1.1%) were found to have levels of alcohol in their system during the day time hours of the weekday while a higher percent of drivers (8.3%) were found to have levels of alcohol in their system during the nighttime hours of the weekend.
  • The 2013–2014 study also examined the use of drugs, focusing on drugs with the potential to impair driving skills, including over-the-counter, prescription, and illegal drugs according to the NRS.
  • The drug study findings showed that the pattern of drug use among drivers varies by day and category of drug.


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