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Woman Struck by Flying Construction Blade

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

A woman was injured by in a freak accident on Tuesday after a three-foot construction saw blade detached from a piece of machinery and flew into a group of pedestrians.

About the Construction Accident

According to an ABC affiliate, the incident occurred Tuesday morning at 9th Avenue and West 48th Street on Manhattan’s West Side.

Workers in the area were cutting the street when the blade loosened from a piece of machinery. The serrated blade then flew half a block, ricocheting off the concrete and a small metal fence before striking the woman’s leg.

The victim, 43, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

Workers spent the day trying to determine what caused the blade to detach from the equipment, and the contractor was directed by the city’s Department of Design and Construction to not use any other saws until the equipment has been inspected and approved for use.

Construction Accident Statistics

  • In general, construction accidents in which pedestrians are injured or killed are fairly rare; however, the same cannot be said for construction accidents involving workers.
  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a total of 4,628 workers were killed on the job in 2012. This averages to 89 deaths a week or more than 12 deaths every day.
  • Of those fatalities, 4,175 occurred in the private industry and 806 occurred at construction sites.
  • Among the leading causes of death at construction sites are:
    • Falls
    • Struck by object
    • Electrocution
    • Caught –in/between


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