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Workers at Risk of Leukemia from Radiation Exposure

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Victoria Burguess2 years ago

In 1945, the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, this caused a lot of nuclear fallout and radiation. The survivors of the bombing were exposed to high doses of this radiation; in turn, cases of leukemia began to rise dramatically.

A recent study suggests long-time nuclear energy workers may face the same outcome.

Exposure to Ionic Radiation-Increased Risk of Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer in tissues that form blood cells and is known to be linked to ionizing radiation exposure.

According to Reuters, an approximately 27-year-long study of 308,297 nuclear energy workers exposed to radiation in the United States, United Kingdom, and France had showed that 22% of the workers had died by the follow up at the end of the study.

Increase Risk Tied to Increased Exposure

531 deaths had been due to leukemia and 814 deaths had been from lymphoma (a cancer of the immune system, also involving the blood cells). It was found that the as the cumulative dose of radiation exposure increased, the risk of leukemia did too.

Over the years, it was found that the cumulative dose of radiation that the workers were exposed to was about 16 milligray (mGy) per year. In comparison, a CT scan only exposes a patient to about one to two mGy.

Workers in the U.S., UK, and France are now allowed to ask for financial compensation if they are diagnosed with leukemia due to radiation exposure.


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