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Young Adults With Head and Neck Trauma at Increased Risk for Strokes

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Antarvir Kaur4 years ago

Researchers and medical scientists have known that head trauma and neck trauma increases the risk of stroke in young adults. Now, the actual number has been discovered.

Unfortunately, the risk is tripled for these individuals. The following information was presented at the International Stroke Conference (ISC).

Details of the Recent Stoke Study

  • Christine Fox, MD, MAS, and her colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco performed the research to determine the actual figures.
  • According to MedPage Today, they found that the relative stroke risk was 2.8 in the month following a head or neck trauma.
  • Stroke incidence was found to be 48 per every 100,000 in ages 18-49.
  • 145 head and neck trauma patients out of the 120,494 who were younger than 50 had an arterial ischemic stroke in the 4 weeks right after the incident.
  • These numbers are from 1997-2001 for patients treated in emergency rooms, a .011% of the patients.

How can Head and Neck Trauma Patients Reduce Their Risk of Stroke?

  • Head and neck trauma patients should understand their risks of stroke.
  • Emergency physicians should be knowledgeable about the risk and should inform patients about it.
  • Perhaps, patients can be given an information packet before they are released from care.
  • Researchers also suggest prescribing patients with a tear in the arteries leading to the brain an anti-clotting medicine.
  • Researchers are looking to do a case study to differentiate the incidence of stroke in different types of trauma next.


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