Attorney Thomas J. Henry Reacts to News of Death of Father Virgilio Elizondo

SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 15, 2016) — Thomas J. Henry, the attorney representing John Doe in a lawsuit against Father Virgilio Elizondo, reacts to the news of Father Elizondo’s death.

“The death of Father Elizondo is unfortunate,” Thomas J. Henry stated. “Father Elizondo was sued alongside a Father Dominguez, who is currently a fugitive that fled to Mexico, after being charged with multiple counts of sexual assaults against minors in California. Our client, John Doe, has alleged that after being sexually assaulted by Father Dominguez, he confided in Father Elizondo while he was a minor, who then attempted to molest John Doe as well.”

John Doe was an orphan at the time of these events and was being sheltered at a center affiliated with the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Thomas J. Henry added, “The next stage in this litigation was discovery production and the taking of depositions. The taking of Father Elizondo’s deposition could have led us to the truth regarding his actions, and his untimely death at this juncture raises even more questions. We will continue to seek and uncover the facts of this matter.”

Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys filed a lawsuit in the case in Bexar County in 2015.


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