10 Safe, Enjoyable Social Distancing Activities

As we work together to contain coronavirus (COVID-19), a major part of our efforts require that we distance ourselves from others to limit transmission. Despite the name Social Distancing, it is important to remember that while we are distanced physically, technology grants us a number of ways to keep in contact with one another and enjoy social activities.

Here are ten ways to have fun form home as you do your part to flatten the curve.

1. FaceTime, Skype, Video Chat Friends and Family

Now is a wonderful time to check up on loved ones across the world or to even revive lost relationships with the help of technology! Especially make time to chat with the elderly, friends who may live alone, or those with anxiety or other mental health problems to make sure they are handling the pandemic in a healthy manner and have necessary items. Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Discord, and Google Duo are several other popular video chat apps to use.

2. Start an Online Book Club and Discussion

With a lot of the strenuous demands for work and school being significantly lower due to remote work taking place, many people may find themselves with extra time to read novels. Challenge your friends to dissect a new book every week or month and have fun discussing its plot or hidden messages together. Plus, there are tons of books with accompanying movies to make the book club even more interesting.

3. Work Out, Perform Yoga, or Do Virtual Zumba Classes

Having a group of friends to work out with remotely will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. YouTube along with many gyms and fitness sites have plenty of exercise trainings online for you and your friends to schedule each day. The release of endorphins from heart pumping activities can improve your overall mood as well.

4. Enroll in an Online Course

Many universities as well as Coursera, Shaw Academy, and Udemy are offering free courses to enrich personal passions and knowledge. Take this time at home to study something that truly intrigues you and share what you’ve learned with your friends and family. You can even create small presentations along with your friends and take turns presenting them to one another in your own remote university.

5. Cook A New Dish

If there’s a new meal prep plan you’ve been meaning to try for weeks, now is your chance. Encourage loved ones to try new diets or desserts with you. Even have cooking competitions like the pros on TV (judging presentation of course) can help to spice things up even further.

6. Remote Wine Time or Beer Cheers

If you miss spending time at the bar with your buds, all is not lost. The internet has many creative happy hour drinking activities for those of responsible, legal ages to partake in. A remote happy hour here and there with people you care about may prove to be a lot more enjoyable than you think.

7. Virtual Museum Tours

The Smithsonian Museum of American History, National Museum of African American History and Culture, and U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum are among the many museums offering virtual tours of their exhibits. Feel free to gather indoor family, especially curious children and elderly, around to take a peak at amazing, historical works.

8. Binge and Learn from YouTubers

While it isn’t quite set in stone when daily lives will return back to normal, one thing can be for sure. You can learn something new. From aquatic landscaping and aquaponics to fluently speaking a new language, there are thousands of helpful YouTube channels dedicated to helping you grow your skills.

9. Remote Game Nights

Even though all of the public, social outings have been pushed back until further notice, this doesn’t mean you can’t meet up with a bunch of friends in a virtual park or beach. Video games with huge multiplayer servers are practically everywhere. Whether you have a PS4 or an android phone, as long as you have an internet connection you can chat with friends across the globe on a mic all the while embarking on all sorts of fantastic adventures.

10. Virtual Movie Streaming Night (Netflix Edition)

Netflix has recently added a new feature called ‘Netflix Party’ to encourage social distancing. With it you and a group of people can watch movies and shows together, comment in a group chat, and even take breaks throughout the movie with synchronized pausing. If Netflix isn’t your thing, there are ways to screen share movies or even FaceTime while watching a video together.

Being ‘stuck’ indoors doesn’t have to be a boring problem. With a little bit of imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm the exciting indoor possibilities are endless.

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