5 Quick Tips for Going Green on Earth Day

Each April 22, we celebrate Earth Day – a day to celebrate our Earth and make new commitments to caring for our environment and communities. Here are a few easy ways to “go green.”

1. Work On Recycling

The best way to get more consistent at recycling is to make it simple and convenient. If you are an employer, consider making recycling bins more available and placing them at high traffic areas such as copy stations. If you are at home, have clearly designated bins for glass, plastic, and papers so that your family can quickly adapt to their use.

2. Use More Eco-Friendly Products

Some cleaning supplies that use harsh chemicals and throw-away products can increase your carbon footprint. Consider supplies that are reusable and use more earth-friendly, non-toxic ingredients. You can also avoid using products that are clearly marked as having non-recyclable packaging.

3. Clean Up Your Community

This is a great way to celebrate Earth Day while also making sure the area you live in consistently looks its best. Cleaning up your community can be as easy as picking up litter around your neighborhood or at litter hotspots like parks, beaches, and ditches. Check on social media and see if anyone in your area is hosting a community pickup or organize your own.

4. Use Less Paper

With increases in technology, its easier now than ever to use less paper. This includes digital copies that can be viewed on any device as well as opting for paperless billing. If you are a business, going paperless can also mean reduced paper waste, printer cartridges costs, and clutter.

5. Go Outside

The easiest tip of them all. The more time you spend outside, the more respect you will have for nature and the outdoors. Seeing how trash and pollution affects your community at a micro level can drive you to make the small changes that will help at the macro level.

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