7 Coronavirus Myths Busted

As the coronavirus has spread, you have likely seen or heard a number of inaccurate claims about how to prevent infection, cure infection, or prevent exposure. We want everyone to be safe and have accurate, up-to-date information. So this blog is dedicated to calling out and correcting some of the most common COVID-19 myths.

Here are the top seven coronavirus myths – busted.

MYTH: Coronavirus is Only Dangerous for Older People

False. Despite some early (and incorrect) reports, people of all ages can be infected by COVID-19, and worse yet, the disease has the potential to be fatal across all age groups. This myth likely began as an understanding that older people are at an increased risk (as are those with pre-existing conditions including asthma, diabetes, heart disease) and exacerbated by early outbreaks at U.S. nursing home. However, as more cases have been confirmed and more fatalities have occurred, it is clear that younger, perfectly healthy people can both contract and die from coronavirus.

MYTH: If I Become Infected, I Will Die

False. While we certainly do not want to understate the severity of coronavirus, it can be just as harmful to overblow the effects or mortality of the disease. The majority of infected people experience mild illnesses, and some are completely asymptomatic. Just because you are infected, it does not mean you’ve been handed a death sentence. Still, why risk illness when you can avoid it by practicing healthy habits and social distancing?

MYTH: Coronavirus Cannot be Transmitted in Warm or Humid Climates

False. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 can be transmitted in all areas and climates, including those with hot and humid weather. So, regardless of where you live or what the weather is like, you should practice social distancing and should frequently wash your hands.

MYTH: COVID-19 Can Be Spread Through Mosquito Bite

False. To date there is no information or evidence to suggest that coronavirus has been or can be transmitted by mosquitos. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and is most often spread through droplets generated when an infected person sneezes or coughs. The virus can survive for hours and even days on outside surfaces, so be sure to keep your hands clean and to refrain from touching your face.

MYTH: Antibiotics Will Help Treat Coronavirus

False. Antibiotics only work against bacteria, not viruses. However, if you are hospitalized, you may receive antibiotics in order to prevent or treat bacterial co-infections.

MYTH: Drinking Alcohol Can Protect You from Coronavirus

False. Neither consuming alcohol or spraying yourself will protect you from contracting coronavirus nor will it help you treat the virus. In fact, drinking alcohol may well increase your risk of contacting the virus. Research has shown that people who drink to excess are at an increased risk of contracting infectious diseases, like COVID-19.

MYTH: I Have to Wash My Hands with Special Soap or Antibacterial Gel

False. Just regular old sop and water is your best bet and preventing infection from coronavirus. Most special soaps or “medical” soaps include antibacterial ingredients. As mentioned before, COVID-19 is a virus, not a bacterial infection, so there is not added benefit against coronavirus from antibacterial soaps. Just wash your hands frequently, and for about 20 seconds per wash, and you are doing fine.

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