Back to School Safety Tips for COVID-19

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It’s usually very easy for children to forget certain things, especially in a bustling school environment with so many different activities happening. Further, children may struggle comprehend the severity of COVID-19 or why they should adhere to all of these new rules.

While you cannot be there with your child throughout their return to school, there are action you can take yourself to help ensure their return to school is a safe one.

1. Instill Good and Safe Behaviors

All parents and caregivers should make a habit of reminding their children of crucial healthy habits they should practice in order to flatten the curve and stay safe.

Remind children to always wash their hands after coming into contact with common surfaces, wear their masks in public spaces, stay a set distance away from others, and always cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or inside of their elbow.

2. Set Annual or Frequent Doctor Checkups

It’s important to make sure the overall health of your child is good, so scheduling checkups is always a great practice. Many clinics and hospitals have taken strict safety measures to ensure visitors, workers, and patients don’t get affected with the current illness spreading.

Masks are normally a must have article of clothing, equipment is thoroughly sanitized multiple times a day, and compact numbers of people are allowed inside a building. You can always call your primary clinic to learn more about their specific safety protocols as well.

3. Learn About the Safety Precautions Being Practiced at Your Child’s School

There is a list of safety measures, published specifically by the CDC, that has been targeted at schools to help ensure safety amongst its inhabitants. Different states and public officials have also placed various guidelines in order to protect their populations. As a parent, this information should be readily available for you to know about.

Compare the guidelines from the CDC with that of your child’s particular school guidelines. Find out if they are practicing safe measures and creating new strategies and plans to implement a transformed school year.

4. Be There for Your Child

Overall, the pandemic this year has created one of the biggest senses of unease and uncertainty for people all over the world. This includes children. Many kids are highly confused at the new styles of living being shoved in their faces.

It’s okay for them to have questions, comments, and concerns. Give them a space to voice their opinions.

5. Rely on What Feels Most Safe and Comfortable for You and Your Child

With schools all over the country offering fully remote, partial remote, or completely on-site options, parents have the ultimate choice in how they would like their child to learn. If you are offered these various services, look through the pros and cons of what is offered and choose according to what will put you most at ease.

Your child’s safety is a priority, and choosing a certain choice over another can both help keep them safe and ensure a good school year.

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