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Boeing, Southwest Airlines Face Lawsuit Alleging They Hid Fatal Design Flaws in 737 MAX 8 Jet

Southwest Airlines Co. and The Boeing Co. endangered public safety by colluding to hide a design flaw in the 737 MAX 8 jet, according to new lawsuit.

About the Lawsuit Against Boeing and Southwest Airlines

According to the Washington Post, the suit was filed July 11 in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on behalf of 11 passengers who traveled on 737 MAX 8 aircrafts between Aug. 29, 2017, and March 13, 2019—the date the planes were grounded after the second fatal crash involving the aircraft. The two crashes happened in Indonesia and Ethiopia and killed a total of 347 people.

The lawsuit alleges that Southwest profits from a “collusive relationship” with their sole supplier The Boeing Co., and that both companies worked together to cover up the 737 MAX 8 jet’s potentially harmful defect when it was rushed to market. The suit also alleges that Southwest lied and defrauded customers, regulators, and its own pilots and employees, risking thousands of lives in the process.

Passengers claim they wouldn’t have purchased tickets to fly on Southwest had they known about the aircraft’s fatal flaws.

Results of the Lawsuit Against Boeing and Southwest

Like other US airlines, Southwest has cancelled flights involving the defective aircrafts and awaits certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

According to Business Insider, Boeing and Southwest are facing several other similar lawsuits from shareholders, pilots, and families of victims, as well as federal and congressional investigations that will look at how the plane was designed and certified to fly.

Comments that Southwest made to The Washington Post say they intend to “vigorously defend against the claims in the filing.” They believe the allegations are without merit, since safety has always been Southwest’s priority.

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