Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Ford Explorers May Lead to Large Recall

There have been many reports of police officers becoming sick due to carbon monoxide leaks in their Ford Explorer cruisers, and this may lead to a massive recall of the popular police vehicle.

Details on the Dangerous Leaks

It’s been reported that police officers have been filing complaints about getting sick from carbon monoxide gas leaking from their Ford Explorers. There have already been thousands of reports nationwide that leaks have been occurring, and this has led to Ford Motors considering a massive recall of its Ford Explorers.

A police department in Montgomery County, Maryland has found that some vehicles have cracked exhaust manifolds, which is a part of the car that goes from the engine to the tailpipe. A crack in the manifold allows carbon monoxide to seep into the cabin of the cruiser, which can lead to illness or death.

Montgomery County mechanic David Dise, who is the county’s director of the department of general services, says that other mechanics have been finding cracked manifolds in Explorers so often that it’s possible that up to 80 percent of the cruisers may have this problem.

Police departments across several states have reported issues with their Ford cruisers, and an accident that occurred in 2015 may also be related to this issue.  That accident took place when an officer passed out behind the wheel which led to a crash, and the officer is now suing Ford and saying that a carbon monoxide leak was the root of what caused the crash.

How Police Departments are Taking Action

Some police departments have decided to pull their Ford Explorer cruisers off of the road to ensure the safety of officers and other drivers.

About a week ago, a department in Austin, Texas took more than 400 Ford cruisers out of service because carbon monoxide was found in the blood of 18 officers.  Also, in Auburn, Massachusetts, around a third of the town’s cruisers have been pulled from service, and other departments from the state are waiting for solutions from Ford.

Ford has not yet made a final decision on the recall, but they are continuing their investigation of Explorers to see if these leaks are directly related to manufacturing defects.

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