Celebrating Día de los Muertos During COVID-19

Día de los Muertos is celebrated across South Texas and is a major part of our state’s heritage. While COVID-19 is certainly putting a damper on family gatherings, there is no reason we must sacrifice family and cultural traditions. Instead let’s take steps to ensure to ensure these traditions are practiced in a safe manner.

Día De Los Muertos Celebrations

Día de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday in which the love and remembrance of deceased family members is celebrated. It is a cherished event for people all across Mexico, Latin America, and various other regions. Due to the pandemic outbreak, traditional Día de los Muertos practices may lead to potential COVID-19 risks in these critical times. Nevertheless, the CDC has listed some helpful low risk activities for people to still enjoy the holiday. 

Do’s and Dont’s for a Safe Día De Los Muertos During Covid-19

Here are some examples of lower risk activities to keep you and your loved ones safe according to the CDC: 

  • Create an altar for the deceased family member celebrating mementos and memories from their life. Place it in a living room or main room for family to view easily.
  • Participate in home-based activities the deceased person enjoyed such as cooking or listening to certain music
  • Attend a remote event online or host a watch party to commemorate the event on online social apps 
  • Stay 6 feet apart from guests and try to partake in outdoor activities if a large group of people will be present. Wash hands regularly, cough and sneeze by properly covering, and wear a mask. 

Avoid these high risk activities:

  • Being enclosed in large, crowded, indoor rooms where physical and verbal contact (respiratory droplets through sneezing, etc.) is constant
  • Holding a grand event with many people from different areas who may or may not have come into contact with COVID-19 
  • Using influential substances in groups that can hinder common sense and increase risky activities
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