Christmas Safety: Most Dangerous Christmas Toys for 2020

World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) has completed its list of the “Worst Toys” for the 2020 holiday season.

The Danger of Toy-Related Injuries

According to W.A.T.C.H., there is an average of 240,000 toy-related injuries to children every year. Further, it is estimated that one child is treated in U.S. emergency rooms for a toy-related injury every three minutes.

W.A.T.C.H. also notes that 43 children died from toy-related accidents between 2016 and 2018.

As parents, we often trust that a toy presented to the market has been tested and approved for safe use by its target demographic. For example, if a toy is marketed for children 3+, we expect a child older than 3-years-old would be reasonably safe from injury or harm; unfortunately, this is not always true.

When a toy is defective, or just plain dangerous, it should be kept away from all children. Preferably, the toy should be recalled, but at the very least parent should have the opportunity to be aware the dangers associated with the product.

10 Unsafe Toys to Avoid for Christmas 2020

1. Calico Critters Nursery Friends

  • Manufacturer: Epoch Co., LTD
  • Price: $14.99
  • Retailer(s): Walmart,,, Kohl’s,
  • Recommended Ages: 3+
  • Hazard: While the Critters are labeled for ages 3+, the toys include small parts, such as a pacifier, with the potential for choking injuries. These hazards may be tempting to children 3 and above.

2. Toysmith Missile Launcher

  • Manufacturer: Toysmith
  • Price: $9.99
  • Retailer(s): Home Goods
  • Recommended Ages: 5+
  • Hazard: The projectile can result in face and eye injuries which are not mentioned on the product packaging. Further, an image depicted on the packaging shows that the missiles launch is shot similar to a slingshot with the launch being initiated near the user’s face.

3. Marvel Avengers Vibranium Power FX Claw

  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Price: $14.99
  • Retailer(s): Kmart,, Walmart,
  • Recommended Ages: 5+
  • Hazard: The claws are especially rigid and may pose an injury risk to children and those around them. The manufacturer mentions this hazard on product labeling, saying the claw should not be used to “hit or swing at people or animals.”

4. Gloria Owl

  • Manufacturer: Jellycat Ltd.
  • Price: $16.99
  • Retailer(s): Home Goods,, The Paper Source,, Saks Fifth Avenue,
  • Recommended Ages: 12 months+
  • Hazard: The toy features long, fiber-like hair that may not be properly rooted. W.A.T.C.H. notes that the toys are prone to “shredding” and the hair, once separated, presents the potential for ingestion and aspiration injuries.

5. WWE Jumbo Superstar Fists

  • Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific, Inc.
  • Price: $3.99
  • Retailer(s): Kmart,
  • Recommended Ages: 3+
  • Hazard: The large fists are sold to children as young as 3 to emulate pro wrestlers. There is not warning concerning the potential for blunt force or impact injuries.

6. Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime

  • Manufacturer: Alex Brands-Scientific Explorer
  • Price: $19.99
  • Retailer(s):com, Kohl’s,,, Magic Beans
  • Recommended Ages: 10+
  • Hazard: The slime includes chemicals and ingredients that can result in harm. Product labels include warnings for “eye, skin, and respiratory irritation” and notes the contents are “harmful if swallowed.”

7. The Original Boomerang Interactive Stunt UFO

  • Manufacturer: Amax Group
  • Price: $14.99
  • Retailer(s): Target,,
  • Recommended Ages: 8+
  • Hazard: While the Stunt UFO is supposed to perform tricks and stunts after being tossed in the air and urges children to play catch by tossing the toy back-and-forth with friends, product labels also state children “WARNING! Keep hands, hair, and loose clothing away from the propeller.”

8. Boom City Racers Starter Pack

  • Manufacturer: Moose Toys LLC
  • Price: $14.89
  • Retailer(s): Target,,
  • Recommended Ages: 4+
  • Hazard: The race cars are sold with a ripcord to set the vehicles in motion; however, W.A.T.C.H. notes the toys can pose an injure to children’s eye and/or face.

9. My Sweet Love Lots to Love Babies Minis

  • Manufacturer: JC Toys, Inc’ Walmart Inc
  • Price: $6.97
  • Retailer(s): Walmart,
  • Recommended Ages: 2+
  • Hazard: The baby comes with a feeding set, sold for ages 2 and up, comes with a rigid plastic spoon that can obstruct children’s airway.

10. Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber

  • Manufacturer: Hasbro; Disney
  • Price: $29.99
  • Retailer(s): Target,,, Walmart,,
  • Recommended Ages: 4+
  • Hazard: Young children are encouraged to “Swing for Battle,” but W.A.T.C.H. notes the rigid plastic has potential for facial and other impact injuries.

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