Coast Guard Gives Safety Tips For Amphibious Vehicles

The Coast Guard has released several safety recommendations for amphibious vehicles as it investigates the sinking of a Missouri duck boat that left 17 dead.

About the Duck Boat Incident

On July 19th, a duck boat in Table Rock Lake sank during a storm. 17 people were killed in the accident, including a crew member, while the remaining 14 people survived.

The accident is being formally investigated by the Coast Guard, the Marine Board of Investigation, and the National Transportation Safety Board. While the investigation is underway, the Coast Guard has decided to offer safety recommendations for amphibious vehicles in an attempt to reduce the risk of such accidents reoccurring.

The National Transportation Safety Board announced on July 27th that it had collected information from the boat’s audio video recorder. The footage shows the captain pointing out the location of emergency exits and life jackets. A bilge alarm sounds as the weather conditions worsen, and the alarm stops after the captain is seen reaching down.

The investigation, which could last a year or longer, has not yet led to any conclusions about the cause of the incident. Investigators will continue to review the accident to determine factors that contributed to it, evidence of misconduct or negligence, and the probable cause.

Coast Guard Safety Tips

The Coast Guard has stated that the industry need not wait for the Marine Board of Investigation to conclude its review of Ride the Ducks Branson in order to take immediate action regarding safety measures.

The safety recommendations released by the Coast Guard include:

  • Ensuring that owners and operators of passenger vessels review the routes and conditions allowed under their Coast Guard certificates
  • Training crew members for emergencies
  • Encouraging frequent communication between boat masters and headquarters for potential hazards, such as a change in weather patterns
  • Making everyone aware of the “operational limitations” of each vessel

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