Delta Recalls 28,000 Strollers for Fall Hazard

Delta has issued a recall for more than 28,000 “J is for Jeep” brand jogging strollers after determining the products pose a fall hazard to infants.

About the “J is for Jeep Stroller Recall”

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the strollers’ leg bracket can break creating a fall hazard to infants riding in the stroller. Consumers are urged to discontinue use of the stroller immediately and contact Delta for a free repair.

The firm has received four reports of the stroller leg bracket breaking and one report involving injuries to a child.

The recalled strollers were sold at Walmart, Target, and other stores nationwide between August 2015 and August 2016. The strollers sold for between $130 and $160.

Description of the Recalled Delta Strollers

The recalled strollers were marketed as cross-country all-terrain jogging strollers, and have to large wheels in the back an on smaller wheel on the front. “J is for Jeep” is printed on the side of the stroller sun canopy with a star inside a circle printed on the front bottom of the seat as well as on the side of the stroller.

The model number and the lost number can be found on a label on the left bottom frame support. Models included in the recall are:

  • Model Number: 11988-835
    • Color: Orange inside/Green outside and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15083, CH15084, CH15085, CH15086, CH15087, CH15088, CH15089, CH15095, CH15123, CH15124, CH15125, CH15126, CH15127, CH15128, CH15157, CH15158, CH15173, CH15174, CH15185, CH15186, CH16045, CH16046, CH16047, CH16048, CH16052, CH16053, CH16054, CH16055, CH16056, CH16074, CH16084, CH16085, CH16086, CH16087, CH16088, CH16089, CH16090, CH16091, CH16092, CH16093, CH16094, CH16095, CH16096, CH16097, CH16098, CH16099
  • Model Number: 11988-340
    • Color: Green and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15203, CH15217
  • Model Number: 11988-436
    • Color: Blue and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15143
  • Model Number: 11988-656
    • Color: Pink and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15144
  • Model Number: 11988-838
    • Color: Orange and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15145
  • Model Number: 11988-0261
    • Color: Grey and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH16025
  • Model Number: 11998-0251
    • Color: Grey and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH16026
  • Model Number: 11998-314
    • Color: Green and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15165, CH16006
  • Model Number: 11998-439
    • Color: Blue and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15055, CH15057, CH15058, CH15059, CH15060, CH15061, CH15063, CH15064, CH15065, CH15139, CH15140, CH15150, CH15159
  • Model Number: 11998-678
    • Color: Pink and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15166, CH16007
  • Model Number: 11998-850
    • Color: Orange outside/Grey inside and Black
    • Lot Number(s): CH15211, CH15212, CH15213, CH15214, CH15215, , CH16024, CH16044
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