“How’s My Driving?” What to Do About Company Vehicle Accidents

When sharing the road with other vehicles, especially drivers that are operating vehicles for a company, you may notice stickers placed on the back of the vehicles that say, “How’s My Driving?” These stickers are not just for show. Company owners want to know that their drivers are operating vehicles safely while following the rules of the road, which includes driving at the speed limit, using turn signals, not driving too closely behind other drivers, and stopping stop signs and red lights.

When injured in an accident involving a company vehicle, get a Texas car accident attorney involved to pursue compensation from the company for assorted damages. Thomas J. Henry Law tells you what to do when involved in an accident with a company’s vehicle.

Make a Police Report

As soon as the accident occurs, you should file a police report. Call the police, wait for them to arrive, and then let them know how the accident transpired. You do not need to get out of your vehicle or have conversations with the driver of the company car. In fact, a Texas truck accident attorney would advise you not to say anything to the other driver. You do not want to say something that could be used against you during the court proceedings.

When the police arrive, you can then tell them exactly what happened leading up to the accident. For example, the driver of the company vehicle may have fallen asleep while behind the wheel, ultimately veering into another lane of traffic.

Call the Company to File a Complaint

Because the number to the company is displayed on the back of the vehicle, you should make sure to call that number directly to let them know about the accident. You do not have to answer too many questions without having your lawyer listening in on the phone call. However, you should make the call to let the company know that their driver caused an accident on a particular road and provide some of the necessary information about the accident.

Talk to a Lawyer

Talk to a car accident attorney about the situation. Car accidents happen quite often and are caused by various factors. However, if the company’s driver was negligent because the driver was under the influence, distracted while operating the vehicle, or asleep, it is necessary to hold that driver accountable. If it were not for the driver’s careless actions, you might have never been involved in an accident in the first place.

Were You in an Accident With a Company’s Car? Thomas J. Henry Can Help You

If a company car crashed into your vehicle, causing damage to your property and leaving you with some significant injuries, you need to talk to a Texas personal injury attorney. The attorney can help you with the process of filing a lawsuit against the driver and driver’s company. At Thomas J. Henry, we are committed to our clients. If you want expert legal representation, call us at 866-517-5659 today!

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