Fatal Motorcycle Crash Emphasizes Necessity of Texas Motorcycle Attorney

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Motorcyclists enjoy many things about hopping on their bikes and riding on the road. There is something peaceful and relaxing about feeling that fresh breeze, enjoying the scenery, and having a good time while riding in nice weather. Although there is a lot to love about riding a motorcycle, it is also dangerous. It was not too long ago that a motorcycle collided with a vehicle in Austin, Texas.

The motorcyclist sustained unknown injuries and the westbound lanes were blocked off for a period of time due to the collision. It is just one of many motorcycle crashes that emphasize the need for a Texas auto accident attorney. Thomas J. Henry Law explains why motorcycle accidents are often deadly and why those involved in these types of accidents should reach out to an attorney.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Often Fatal?

The injuries sustained when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident with a vehicle are often more severe because the motorcyclist does not have nearly as much protection as someone would have when driving in a car. While motorcyclists can wear protective gear, such as a leather jacket, knee pads, and a helmet, the gear is not always going to save them from the impact of a serious collision, especially if the motorist of the other vehicle is driving at a fast rate of speed.

Unfortunately, if a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike, they can end up with traumatic brain injuries and blunt force trauma that leads to internal bleeding, causing them to succumb to their injuries.

What Is the Purpose of Hiring an Attorney When Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you get into a motorcycle accident and survive, you may still have major injuries that are going to take months or even years for you to recover from. Some of the injuries could leave you with permanent issues, including disabilities that prevent you from walking, riding a motorcycle again, or even working in the future. Because the injuries that can occur from a motorcycle accident are often so severe, it is important to try to recover damages with assistance from a Texas motorcycle accident attorney.

What the attorney wants to do is prove that the other motorist was in the wrong. If you were on your motorcycle and you were following all the rules while making sure you were aware of your surroundings, it is possible that another driver hit you because they were distracted, speeding, or attempting to change into a different lane without paying close enough attention to what was happening on the road.

The Texas motorcycle accident attorney could try to get as much compensation for you as possible. You may then want to use that money to compensate for a loss of income while also using it to pay off some of the medical debt you have incurred because of your injuries from the accident.

Did You Get Into a Motorcycle Accident? Thomas J. Henry Law is Here to Help

Did you get into an accident while you were riding on your motorcycle? If you were seriously injured and you know that you did not have any fault in causing the accident, you should try to seek compensation. Thomas J. Henry Law would like to help you seek financial compensation from your injuries and the trauma you have experienced. When you need professional legal help, contact our law office at 866-517-5659 or complete the contact form on our website.

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