What is a Premises Liability Accident? 4 Common Examples

premises liability accidents

What is a premises liability accident? Premises liability is an important part of the law that you need to understand, especially if you are ever injured in such an accident. A Texas personal injury attorney from Thomas J. Henry will be able to examine your situation and determine if you have a case. Premises liability law helps to protect the visitors to various properties, including residential and commercial, from hazards that can leave them seriously injured. Below, you will find four common examples of premises liability accidents in Texas.

Inadequate Building Security

Inadequate building security is a problem that most often affects commercial properties like malls, shopping centers, schools, and other large campuses where security guards are typically present. When you are injured on one of these properties where a security firm is operating, you might be able to hold the security firm, the property owner, the management team, and other entities liable for your injuries. Inadequate building security can also be caused by the lack of a security guard, lack of lighting, lack of locks on doors, and other issues.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A Texas slip and fall attorney from Thomas J. Henry understands that other people might not keep their property free from hazards. So long as you are invited to the property and are not trespassing, any injuries you suffer can be compensated by the property owner. Slip and fall accidents most often occur on sidewalks, driveways, staircases, and other areas where hazards can be found. Slip and falls happen because of broken concrete, nails sticking up through floorboards, wet floors, loose steps, oily floors, hidden extension cords or other wires, unsecured carpeting, potholes, and more.

Accidents with Swimming Pools

Accidents with swimming pools happen all too often in Texas and throughout the country. Children can easily wander onto someone else’s property when unsupervised and wind up in the pool where they can drown. A homeowner with a swimming pool must have a fence around the pool or around the yard where the pool is installed. These homeowners have a duty of care to their neighbors to prevent accidents involving their swimming pools. If they fail to do so, you could be eligible for compensation for any injuries suffered by your child.

Dog Bites

Were you or your child bitten by a dog? If so, you might have the basis for a dog bite premises liability case in Texas. Texas has a one-bite rule, which relieves responsibility from the dog owner if he or she had no idea the dog would bite and had never bitten someone in the past. However, if the owner knows his or her dog is aggressive and it bites someone, the victim can seek compensation from the owner for their injuries.

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