Georgia Jury Awards $1.7 Billion in Lawsuit Dealing with Ford F-250 Roof Collapse

Ford Motor Co. was hit with a $1.7 billion verdict on Sunday for a fatal crash in which the roof of a Ford F-250 collapsed, killing two. The lawsuit alleged the roof was unsafe and cited 80 other crashes in which similar Ford truck roof collapses were reported.

Lawsuit Against Ford’s Roofs on Ford Trucks “Dangerously Defective”

According to CBS News, a Georgia jury hearing a lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. returned a $1.7 Billion verdict against the automaker. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two plaintiffs who lost their parents in a rollover crash in 2014.

The verdict marked the end of a years-long wrongful death case. The plaintiffs alleged Ford F-250 pickup trucks, like the one driven by their parents, were equipped with “dangerously defective roofs.” As part of the case, lawyers for the plaintiffs submitted evidence of nearly 80 other rollover crashes involving Ford truck roofs being crushed or collapsing.

Much of the verdict consists of punitive damages meant the penalize Ford Motor Co. The automaker is expected to appeal the verdict of the Ford roof collapse.

Weak Roofs in Ford Pickups Topic of Previous Lawsuits

Weak and unsafe roofs have been the subject of previous lawsuits against Ford Motor Company.

In 2017, a plaintiff was awarded compensation for a 2017 crash in which the roof of his Ford F550 Super Duty pickup caved in during a rollover accident. The plaintiff’s lawyers successfully argued that the injuries claimed in the lawsuit would have been prevented had the pickup been equipped with a safer, more adequate roof.

A 2019 lawsuit involving a 19-year-old man who was killed after his F-150 rolled over had similar results.

The victim’s family was compensated by Ford Motor Company.

Which Ford Models Have Weak Roofs?

No recall has been issued. As such, there is not a comprehensive list of vehicles affected. However, based on court filings, the issue seems to be most prevalent in Ford trucks from the 1999-2007 model years.

The top Ford truck types documented in roof-crush incidents include:

  • Ford F-Series trucks
  • Ford Heavy Duty trucks
  • Ford Super Duty trucks

This is not by any means a comprehensive list. Other Ford vehicles may also have dangerously weak roofs.

Did the Roof of Your Ford Pickup Collapse in a Rollover Accident?

Thomas J. Henry Law is actively investigating claims that roofs on Ford pickup trucks can collapse in rollover crashes. Evidence presented in court suggests the roofs are unable to safely bear the weight of the rest of the trucks, and become crushed in a way that is more severe than other vehicles.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident in which a Ford truck’s roof caved, collapsed, or was crushed, call Thomas J. Henry Law for immediate assistance.

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