Hilton Sued Following Swimming Pool Electrocution Death

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is facing a lawsuit following the electrocution death of a visitor to the Hilton Houston Westchase Hotel.

Man Electrocuted in Hilton Hotel Swimming Pool

  • According to Global Travel Industry News, a man, Raul Hernandez was vacationing in Houston, Texas with some of his family.
  • He and some family members were relaxing at the Hilton Houston Westchase Hotel’s swimming pull when, shortly after dusk, the pools lights came on and malfunctioned.
  • Following the pool lights coming on, Hernandez’s little brother began to yell in pain and convulse. Their mother attempted to save the child, but was hampered by the electrical current.
  • Hernandez then dove into the water where he was able to life the 11-year-old to safety before being overcome by the electrical current.
  • Despite CPR, Hernandez died at the scene of the accident.

Family Sues Hilton for Swimming Pool Death

  • Hernandez’s family is now suing Hilton Hotels & Resorts for gross negligence leading to the man’s death.
  • According to the family’s attorneys, the hotel ignored basic safety regulations and failed to install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) which would have cut power to the lights upon detecting the malfunction.
  • The lawsuit also alleges that the hotel’s pool had not met electrical codes for years and that its contractor had installed new electrical equipment without requesting the proper permits.
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