How an Expert Witness Can Help Your Significant Injuries Claim

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When someone suffers significant injuries due to someone else’s negligence, whether from a car accident, poor care from a healthcare provider, or any other negligent act, those injuries initially need to be assessed and treated by a qualified medical professional. If the injuries are of a serious nature, the injured party will likely seek legal counsel to assist with evaluating the case and work to obtain proper compensation for the victim. Preparing a case for trial is a long and painstaking process. If you hope to obtain the most compensation for all injuries, including out of pocket expenses, it helps to be prepared. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your claim, your attorney may determine that the assistance of one or more expert witnesses may assist in case preparation and help achieve a greater financial settlement for you in the process.

What is an Expert Witness?

So, what is an expert witness? An expert witness is simply a professional with special expertise in a particular area that allows them to explain in detail an important aspect of your case. There are a variety of expert witnesses – all highly skilled – who can assist in various ways. How to choose an expert witness is dependent upon what aspect of the case needs supporting. If an automobile accident has no witnesses, for example, professionals who are experts in accident reconstruction can explain how an accident occurred without having to be at the scene of the accident.

When your attorney needs to document and explain the extent of your significant injuries, the time for finding an expert witness has arrived. If the injuries resulted from a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall, a medical expert may be called to explain the full extent of your injuries, including short term and long-term limitations resulting from the injuries, which includes any permanent impairment that resulted from the injuries.

The area of assigning a permanent impairment rating for injuries is a specialty in itself. If significant injuries resulted from the negligence of a health care provider, for example, a botched surgical procedure, calling an expert witness in the same area of practice as the negligent physician is usually required. If the expert can testify that the doctor did not provide the proper standard of care to a patient and an injury results, the patient has a legal basis for a medical malpractice claim and can proceed with a medical malpractice suit against the physician.

How to Choose Experts

Litigation of a medical malpractice claim is complex and well-qualified medical experts are essential to a successful medical malpractice suit. When trying to establish a standard of care for a physician in a specialized area of care, you don’t want to rely upon a general practitioner who has no expertise in the area. If you want to win your case, it is essential that you use a medical expert.

Finding an Expert Witness

Finding an expert witness should be left to the experts. If you have suffered significant injuries due to negligence, regardless of the cause, you should contact the Thomas J. Henry Law firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Texas.

You deserve proper compensation for all damages sustained, including payment of all medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Our expert lawyers can assist you through the entire legal process; start to finish, getting you full compensation for your injuries, whether suffered in a car accident, as a result of medical malpractice or other event, Thomas J. Henry has the experience, the expertise, and determination to get clients the large settlements and verdicts they deserve. Call Thomas J. Henry today at 361-985-0600.

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