Learn the Secret Behind One Texas Region’s Propensity for Fatal Car Accidents

texas fatal car accidents

Did you know that close to half of all fatal car accidents in the state of Texas are occurring in one specific region? It makes most people wonder what it is that could make the region so dangerous. In the Dallas and Fort Worth sections of the state, there has been an increasing number of large trucks and commercial vehicles on the road. These vehicles are often coming and going to collect and deliver oil and gas. There are five predominant oil and gas areas in the state of Texas.

A total of 1,673 people lost their lives in one of these five areas in 2018 alone. While the economy is booming, which is the reason for the sudden increase in oil and gas activity, it appears that the extra activity is creating hazardous conditions for drivers. When these accidents occur, hiring a Texas personal injury attorney is often a necessity. Thomas J. Henry Law explains the reason for these accidents and what can be done to prevent them.

Reasons for Accidents in Texas

There are several reasons why these accidents are happening in the state of Texas and why a Texas car accident attorney would be needed. Speeding is the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents. If drivers are not paying close attention to the speed limit, they may be speeding. When over-accelerating, drivers tend to have a difficult time coming to a complete stop when they need to do so. As a result, they could crash into another vehicle and possibly cause a chain reaction accident to occur that would involve multiple vehicles on the road.

Distracted driving is another reason these accidents are happening. Drivers can easily become distracted when they are accepting calls, reading text messages, and using social media. It is for that very reason that texting while driving was banned in Texas back in 2017. The ban was put in place to protect the lives of drivers and pedestrians, but some people still choose to use their phones while they are out on the road.

In addition to speeding and distracted driving, road conditions tend to be a bit more dangerous in areas that are known for energy production. There are larger vehicles on the road and these drivers may not be able to see other drivers on the road when they are in blind spots that make it difficult to see their surroundings. Traffic laws should be followed by everyone on the road to avoid these major accidents.

The roads in energy-producing areas are often smaller than roads found in highly populated areas. The size of the roads could make it more of a challenge for people to drive safely as they start becoming more and more congested.

What Can Be Done to Prevent These Fatal Accidents?

The Texas Department of Transportation encourages all drivers to take certain safety measures while following the rules of the road, which includes avoiding cell phone use, wearing a seat belt, following the speed limit, and being aware of the surroundings at all times. In the meantime, construction is ongoing to create roads that are less hazardous and far more spacious for drivers. When there is more space available, the chances of drivers getting into accidents are often greatly reduced.

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