Maine “Chain-Reaction Crash” Involves 30 Vehicles 

Damaged car from an accident with responding ambulance

On Tuesday, an accident involving two dozen vehicles shut down part of Interstate 95 in Carmel, Maine.

Details of the Maine Pile-Up

According to CNN, hundreds of motorists were stranded for about four hours following a pileup on Interstate 95. Northbound lanes on I-95 remained closed until around noon.

Early investigations regarding the crash suggest that “blinding sun” could have sparked the initial accident, which occurred around 7:45 a.m. in the town of Carmel about 15 miles west of Bangor. A “chain reaction crash” involving around 30 vehicles followed the initial collision.

While there were injuries, according to police, it isn’t entirely clear the number or extent to those injuries. At the scene were multiple wreckers from the Bangor-area, Maine Forest Rangers, and LifeFlight helicopters. At least one seriously injured victim was transported via helicopter to a hospital in Bangor.

The initial report stated that up to 60 vehicles were involved, but that report was quickly mended.

Chain Reaction Statistics

  • Chain reaction accidents can occur in low visibility conditions, such as fog and rain, where drivers have little warning and simply don’t have enough time to stop
  • A Chain reaction crash is also known as a multiple car accident or pile up
  • Practicing safe following distances can help drivers avoid chain reaction collisions by allowing appropriate time to react.

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