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Man Claims Water Park Ride Caused Painful Eye-eating Parasite

Medical professional holding a petri dish containing specimen.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a Pennsylvania man and his wife have filed a lawsuit against an amusement park alleging that a water ride at the park caused the man to contract a painful, eye-eating parasite.

The incident occurred while the couple was on the Raging Rapids white-water rafting ride at Kennywood Park, located outside of Pittsburgh, during the summer. Towards the end of the ride, Robert Trostle says he was splashed with water that entered his left eye. In the days that followed, Trostle experienced inflammation, photosensitivity, itchiness, and pain in his eye.

Later that week, Trostle was diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis; however, his symptoms did not improve and continued to grow in severity. Following another doctor’s visit, the man was diagnosed with microsporidia keratitis. This infection eats away at the cornea, or the outer dome of the eye, and requires painful surgery to remove.

Trostle underwent surgery to remove the parasite from his eye, but complete removal was not achieved. He continues to experience vision issues, itchiness, and pain due to the infection. Immediately following surgery, Trostle was required to spend two days in a dark room to protect his eye.

The lawsuit alleges that Kennywood failed to maintain its ride and ensure the safety of visitors by failing to test and treat the water. While in line, Trostle and his wife had noted that the water at the end of the ride appeared to be stagnant and unclean.

The lawsuit seeks $35,000 in damages, according to Fox News.

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