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Man Hospitalized After Chain-Reaction Crash Near Robstown

A man suffered severe head injuries Wednesday as a result of a chain-reaction crash involving three cars near Robstown, Texas.

Details of the Robstown Car Crash

KRIS-TV reports the man was attempting to assist his sister whose car had stalled on Highway 44 near County Road 77. He had parked his truck behind his sister’s disabled car in the right lane on the eastbound side of the highway.

As the man was working on the disabled vehicle, a dark blue car slammed into the back of his truck sending it into the disable car. The disabled car then struck the man, whose head went through the windshield of the disabled car.

State Trooper Eloy Vasquez said it was dark when the accident occurred, but added that all the vehicles had their proper lights on.

2017 Texas Automobile Accident Statistics

The following information was provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT):

  • 3,721 people were killed in Texas traffic accidents in 2017, marking a slight decrease from the 3,794 deaths reported in 2016.
  • 552 of the deaths reported in 2017 were attributed to head-on collision.
  • Alcohol was determined to be a factor in 987 traffic deaths, accounting for roughly 26% of all Texas traffic fatalities.
  • An additional 254,853 people were injured in auto accidents in Texas in 2017.
  • Based on reportable data for 2017, TxDOT estimates:
    • One person was killed in a traffic accident every 2 hours and 21 minutes.
    • One person was injured every 2 minutes and 4 seconds
    • A reportable crash occurred every 59 seconds.

What to Do If Your Car Dies on the Road

If you vehicle starts having problems while driving n the road, especially a busy freeway or rural highway, you should take steps to ensure your vehicle is away from fast moving traffic and is clearly visible to other motorists.

As you pull over your vehicle, consider the following:

  • Try to coast along the shoulder until you’re away from any curves to the road behind you. This will let you spot oncoming traffic as well as make your vehicle is visible to passing traffic sooner.
  • If you cannot get off the road, do not exist your car. Sitting in a dead vehicle as vehicles get stuck behind you can be embarrassing and stressful, but getting out of the vehicle can be deadly. Let the vehicles find a way to pass.
  • Turn on your hazard lights if you vehicle has power. If it is night time, you can also leave your exterior lights on and turn on your cabin lights for maximum visibility. If you engine is working, leave it on so you do not kill your battery.
  • If it is night time and you are not in a traffic lane, quickly place warning lights or reflective markers six feet behind your vehicle and get back in the car.

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