Miami Daycare Worker Accused of Violently Shaking 11-Month-old 

In Miami, a daycare worker was arrested for allegedly mistreating a child who was under her care.

Details of the Alleged Daycare Abuse

According to CBS Miami, the incident occurred at Thumbelina Learning Center at 8380 NW 22nd Ave in Miami. 58-year-old Marta Jiminez, a caregiver at the daycare, has been accused of abusing an 11-month-old baby in an effort to stop crying.

Someone by the name of “Angel” said she saw what transpired and called the police. Angel said that, “She picked up the baby in the air, she started shaking him constantly, then she put him down because the baby kept crying, then she started beating him, like slapping him all over, over his body, his head, his back, his butt, everywhere, just started beating the baby.”

“I was just there because I had a daughter at the daycare school and I just walked in on it,” she continued, “she didn’t even realize I was there in the daycare on my day off.” Angel reported that she could not believe what she had seen.

The child’s mother also said that she can’t believe what transpired.

“My sister gave me a call and said my son was abused at the school and that the police gave her a call,” she said. “I am just overwhelmed and shocked about what has happened.”

When questioned, Jiminez denied both shaking and slapping the child. She stated that she did pat him on the buttocks in an effort to calm him down. Jiminez was taken into custody and charged with one count of child abuse with no great bodily harm.

Angel added, “Right now I drive for Miami-Dade transit, and when I drive I don’t want to have to worry about safety and my child’s safety, and when I [see] this, it is unacceptable.” Angel also said that she thinks there should be more consequences for the daycare, that it should be shut down.

After checking, the daycare records indicate that Thumbelina Learning Center had three inspections and one re-inspection due to a minor violation. Multiple parents who use the daycare’s services believe this was an isolated case.

A final statement from the victim’s mother, “Stick with your gut. If your gut does not want you to stick with it, go somewhere else.” Her son had only been at the daycare for two weeks.

Statistics of Daycare Provider Abuse

According to the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the National Child Abuse and Neglect System:

  • Children from birth to 3 years are the most likely to be abused.
  • In 2016, 1700 child deaths were reported due to child maltreatment under daycare provider care.
  • In 2013, more than 3.5 million child abuse cases were reported to CPS.
  • Boys and girls were both equally likely to be abused with girl having a slightly higher percentage.

Contact an Experienced Child Injury Attorney

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