One Dead, Another Injured in Paris, Texas DUI Accident

One construction worker in Paris, Texas has died and another is severely injured after they were hit by suspected drunk driver.

Details about the Fatal Construction Site Accident

KCII News reports that police are currently investigating a deadly accident that happened at a construction site on Tuesday morning.

One construction worker has died and another worker has been severely injured and is currently fighting for his life in the hospital. The workers were victims of a suspected drunk driver that plowed into them on the side of the road while they were working.

The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning. According to police, the suspected drunk driver, Allen, drove into a construction site on the 3200 block of Bonham Street hitting and killing 21-year-old Christian Castro and severely injuring 50-year-old Aaron Cirrola.

Police also say that the construction site was marked, but the markings didn’t keep the suspected drunk driver from driving off the side of the road and hitting the worker.

After hitting him, police say that Allen carried Castro on the hood of the vehicle for about another block when the 2008 Toyota Corolla eventually came to a stop after hitting a telephone pole.

When the first police officer arrived at the scene, the older victim had his leg nearly severed, and he had to take off his belt to use as a tourniquet for the victim.

Allen was then taken to a local medical facility to for blood testing, but it could be until later this month that police get the results back from the test.

Castro was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, but the other worker, Cirrola, was taken to a hospital in Tyler with severe head trauma and a leg injury.

Allen has so far been charged with Intoxication Assault with a Motor Vehicle and Intoxication Manslaughter with a Motor Vehicle.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Texas

According to the Texas Department of Transportation:

  • In 2014, there were 37 pedestrians that were killed in Texas in crashes involving alcohol.
  • In 2014, there were no alcohol-related fatalities of individuals between the ages of 21-25.
  • Of the 24,386 alcohol involved crashes that happened in 2014, 164 of them occurred in the same time period as this fatal accident in Paris.
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