Palm Oil Seen as Life Threatening?

Many people consume palm oil on a daily basis, and it’s found in many products. However, new reports have verified that it may have a carcinogenic contaminant.

Palm Oil News Could Impact Successful Market

Palm oil is a vegetable oil produced from the palm’s fruit. It is a popular product for the consumer that prefers all natural ingredients.

According to Zion Market’s research report of 2016, the popular vegetable oil in 2015 had a market value at $65.73 billion and is estimated to reach a market value of $92.84 billion in 2021.

However, USA Today reports that some manufacturers have banned the use of palm oil. The Italian giant Ferrero is refuting claims that palm oil found in Nutella potentially causes cancer.

The World Wildlife Fund reports that palm oil is used in sweets, toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoo’s, soaps, and typically in baked goods. The palm oil is found in a variety of names anywhere from vegetable oil to palmityl alcohol.

Does Palm oil Cause Cancer?

The European Food Safety Authority reported that the over glycidyl fatty acid esters of GE that form during food processing or when the palm oil is refined over 393 degrees Fahrenheit cause a major health risk.

According to the chair of the European Food Safety Authority expert panel on Contaminants Helle Knutsen, GE may potentially cause cancer.

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