Parent Tips For Successful Virtual Learning with Children

With the severity of the pandemic shutting down countless school buildings this year, it’s imperative to get a head start on preparing for a virtual school year with your children. Here are a couple tips to help prep you and them for an awesome year. 

Decrease the Amount of Outside Distractions

With virtual learning inside home locations, it can be extremely easy for children and young teens to lose focus on their academic tasks. The urges to play with surrounding toys or text friends and play video games may make the sole goal of learning difficult to achieve since self discipline is not always fully established in youth. 

This is why as parents, a smart move to make is to create a quiet learning environment void of any distractions. Limiting entertainment sources, such as TV, until assignments are completed is a great first step to make. 

Create A Dependable and Concrete Schedule 

Setting a reliable schedule in order for children to follow can greatly help them transition into remote learning by making them feel like they would in a physical school. Provide a set time for lunch, activities, homework, etc. to help them become more accustomed and engaged in their learning. Smaller children may need more scheduled breaks and play sessions whereas older kids can do more work in longer sessions. 

Since using electronic devices for constant, extended problems can have its drawbacks, allow time for kids to take short brain breaks where they can stretch or relax for a few moments before moving forward. Lastly, use time management skills best according to the needs of your child.

Reassure the Child Through Feedback 

Children often love and appreciate being praised for their good work. In fact, encouragement such as praise and positive commentary also goes a long way with teens. 

Giving your child or thumbs up or rewarding them for their efforts and grades on school assignments can make them more eager to participate. Special dinner treats, extra time to stay up at night, random gifts, or even a sticker chart can be used as cool rewards.

Keep Children in Contact with Peers and Educators 

A teacher is always one of the best learning resources out there for your child. Try to keep regular contact with your child’s teachers and make sure that they are confident in speaking up when they are confused about something. Whether it be a technical difficulty or a question on an assignment, make sure your child understands that their teacher is there to help them even through virtual learning. 

Also, create a time for your child to socialize with their peers. Make sure they are engaged with other students in remote class meetings. Give them space to call their friends on the phone or chat through virtual video calls regularly as well. 

Remote Learning Tips for Children with Special Needs

For children with special needs and accommodations, make sure to reach out to their school, teachers, or academic service members to construct a unique learning plan. Use accessible technology or special features such as text-to-speech to enhance learning. Finally, make sure to closely monitor the child’s learning styles, growth, and overall progress.

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