Here’s What to Do If You Were a Pedestrian Hit by a Vehicle

pedestrian hit by vehicle

Getting involved in an accident as a pedestrian will usually result in serious injuries. Whether the vehicle was moving at a fast rate of speed or not, the vehicle colliding with a person can lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, lacerations, and blunt-force trauma

If you were hit by a vehicle while walking or jogging, you need to know what to do and how to get through such a traumatic situation. You should automatically go to the hospital for your injuries, but getting a Texas pedestrian accident attorney involved may also be necessary. Thomas J. Henry Law lets you know what you should when you get hit by a vehicle.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The very first thing you need to do after getting hit by a vehicle is to seek immediate medical attention. If you are unable to call for help, someone who witnessed the accident may call emergency personnel. It is necessary to go to the hospital, even if you are not bleeding and do not feel anything. 

Some people will not feel anything right after getting into an accident with a vehicle because of the adrenaline that starts kicking in. However, that does not mean that you are not injured. You need to find out what types of injuries you have sustained from the accident and then receive treatment for those injuries.

Gather Information From Witnesses

While you may not remember too much of what happened right before the accident because you might have hit your head, you can always gather information from witnesses. Other pedestrians and drivers on the road could have witnessed the accident as it was happening. 

They might be able to vouch for you that the driver was in the wrong because the driver ran through a stop sign or red light. It is even possible that the driver was distracted while driving, which is one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. You may also be able to collect surveillance footage from the scene of the accident.

Find an Attorney to Take Your Case

After you have received medical care and have some information about the accident, you should meet with a Texas personal injury attorney. The person who caused your injuries needs to take accountability for their actions. If it were not for their negligence and poor decisions, you would never be involved in an accident that has caused you to experience severe pain and traumatic injuries. Due to your injuries, you may be out of work and unable to return for quite some time. An attorney would fight to get compensation for you.

Injured by a Vehicle as a Pedestrian? Call Thomas J. Henry Law to Get Help

Did you get hit by a vehicle while you were walking or jogging? You likely sustained some serious injuries that required hospitalization. If this has happened to you, call Thomas J. Henry Law to get the help you need. As an experienced Texas car accident attorney, Thomas J. Henry is prepared to investigate the situation and provide proof of negligence on behalf of the driver that caused your injuries. Call us today at 866-517-5659!

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