Riding Mowers Recalled-Injury Hazard

Hustler and BigDog dealers have recently recalled 3,700 mowers to due a safety hazard.

About the Riding Mower Recall

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the mower can continue to operate due to the failure of the seat switch, which detects that the rider has left the seat. This can pose a risk of injury.

Description of Recalled Mowers

  • The recalled mowers include the BigDog and Hustler brand riding mowers.
  • The BigDog mower is red with a grey seat, black roll bar, and has BigDog Diablo printed on the front of the seat and on the sides of the mower.
  • The Hustler mowers are yellow with grey seats and have “Hustler” printed on the footrest with FastTrak, FastTrakSD or RaptorSD in red on the yellow bar behind the seat. All mowers have right and left steering handles.
  • The recalled mowers have serial numbers between 13082168 and 14012774 for FastTrakSD and between 13081376 and 14013882 for Hustler Raptor Sd.
  • The serial number is on a tag located on the left side of the seat platform in front of the fender.
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