Rules to Follow When Driving Near 18 Wheelers

While many drivers become tense or anxious when driving near large commercial vehicles, they still do not take the correct precautions to minimize their chances of being in an accident.

In 2009 alone, an estimated 3,436 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal accidents. This does not account for trucks involved in accidents which left many people with life-altering injuries.

In order to keep our families and friends safe, we must take proper precautions when driving near 18 wheelers.

Tips to Follow When Driving Near Large Trucks

  • Ride outside blind spots.
    • Trucks have large blind spots to the right and rear of the vehicle, and smaller blind spots on the right front corner and mid-left side of the truck. Avoid riding or tailgating in these areas, as doing so can create danger for you and everyone around you. Remember, if you can’t see the driver’s mirrors, he can’t see you.
  • Leave extra space between trucks and you.
  • The average commercial truck is more than 70 feet long. Imagine trying to stop a load that long that’s also full and weighed down! When a big rig is fully loaded, it weighs approximately 80,000 pounds—and takes three football fields of space to come to a complete stop. Think about this the next time you’re tempted to scoot in front of a semi at the last minute.
  • Understand that it takes time, and often several attempts, to move such a large load where it needs to go when backing or turning an 18-wheeler. When loaded, maneuvering the truck becomes even more difficult and time-consuming. While waiting for a trucker to move his rig out of the road, give him the benefit of the doubt, don’t attempt to pass, and stay out of the way.
  • Just like cars, trucks in most states are required by law to move left for emergency or police vehicles parked on the shoulder. However, in times of heavy traffic, this becomes difficult to do because there often isn’t enough space for them to merge over. If you see a trucker with his signal blinking trying to merge left, let him in.
  • Be patient while truckers are backing or turning.
  • Let them in.

An Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney

Thomas J. Henry have handled a multitude of 18-wheeler accidents over the past two decades and continue to handle many of the largest 18-wheeler accident cases throughout the United States. Whether the company is small or large, our success is not an accident; it is because we understand how trucking companies operate.

Thomas J. Henry are available to respond to trucking accidents at any hour, day or night. Our lawyers understand that the immediate acquisition, or acquiring, of evidence is paramount to understanding how the accident occurred. Remember, your choice does matter. We are available 24/7, nights and weekends.

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