Six Students Injured in Pitt County School Bus Crash

Six students were hospitalized in Pitt County Tuesday after a school bus was struck by vehicle while en route to Farmville Middle School.

About the North Carolina Bus Accident

According to WITN, 30 students were aboard the bus at the time of the collision, six of whom were transported to the hospital. The driver of the truck was also taken to the hospital.

Preliminary reports suggest that the injured truck driver didn’t yield to another truck who had the right of way and hit the school bus; therefore,  the bus driver was not found to be at fault.

Bus Accident Statistics

It has been shown that school bus crashes are far more dangerous for the drivers of other vehicles.

Out of the people who get injured or die in bus crashes over three-fourths of them are people in the other vehicles. It seems that children are actually safer in the bus than outside in these types of crashes.

6 School Bus Safety Tips for Parents and Children

Teaching our children important safety tips when traveling in or around school buses can prevent future accidents and save more young children.

The National Safety Council offers these suggestions:

  1. Wait for the bus far away from traffic. Stay on the sidewalk, and pay attention to passing cars.
  2. Use the handrail while entering and exiting the bus.
  3. Don’t approach the bus until it has completely stopped, and the door is open.
  4. Allow at least 10 feet clearance if you cross the street in front of the bus. Wait for the driver to tell you that it’s safe to cross.
  5. Make sure the driver can see where you are after you’ve left the vehicle.
  6. Stay well away from the bus’s rear wheels.

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