Go Get ‘Em Kid! Sports Safety Tips for Children

Playing sports is a fun way for children to exercise, meet new friends, and create mental and physical skills, but sports can also be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken.

Wear Proper Equipment

Not every sport requires all the following equipment. Use judgment to determine what to use.

  • Eye protection – Eye gear should be made from polycarbonate, a strong plastic that will not break when guarding the eyes.
  • Mouthguard – For many contact sports, a mouthguard is a must to protect the teeth from impact injuries.
  • Helmet – Use the correct helmet for the sport, and make sure it is properly fitted.
  • Wrist, knee, and elbow pads – Sports such as hockey or inline skating require this type of protection.
  • Footwear – Replace old sneakers and cleats. Make sure they fit well and are appropriate for the sport.

Play Properly

How a sport is played improves its safety or causes danger. Make sure you encourage your kids to do the following:

  • Warm-Up – Jogging or jumping jacks can loosen the muscles and increase blood flow, preparing the body for more strenuous activity.
  • Know the Rules – Make sure your child understands the rules of the game. Confusion on where to stand or run or how to complete an action can place them in a dangerous position.
  • Practice – Practice trains the muscles and body to react properly and decreases fear and risk of injury.
  • Stay hydrated – Encourage your child to drink water before, during, and after a long gaming event to maintain hydration and performance.

What to Do If an Injury Occurs

If your child is injured while playing a sport, responding quickly and calmly is important.

Call a doctor when:

  • Pain is very bad
  • The injured area is swollen
  • Pain is worse when active
  • Pain continues or worsens weeks after the accident

Please speak with your child’s healthcare professional and coach to make sure your child does not return to the sport too soon after an injury, as an early return can increase the chance for reinjury.

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