What Is Myocardial Contusion?

It is common to hear complaints of neck and back pain from drivers following a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes these injuries are not serious and resolve after a few weeks, other times they may require significant medical treatment and persist for months or even years. However, the range of potential injuries from car accidents can go well beyond neck and back injuries. One such injury is called a myocardial contusion. So, exactly what is myocardial contusion?

What is a Myocardial Contusion

A contusion, by definition, simply means a bruise. The term myocardial is a reference to the heart. So, a myocardial contusion can be described simply as a bruise of the heart. While a description of the condition may be simple, the condition itself is far from it. A myocardial contusion occurs as a result of some type of trauma to the chest. While they can occur subsequent to a fall, they most commonly are the result of a motor vehicle accident where the driver of the vehicle is thrust forward and the chest impacts the steering wheel.

The result of such an impact is a chest injury, usually accompanied by chest pain, and can result in fractures of one or more ribs.  Even absent broken ribs can occur. If you have been involved in a car accident and have any of these symptoms, you should seek out medical care from a doctor immediately.

Chest Injury and Symptoms

The damage that can result from a chest injury that results in a myocardial contusion can be severe. Diagnosis of the condition can be difficult, so quick detection is essential. In addition to lab work, diagnostic imaging such as x-rays and CT scans can assist in diagnosing the condition. If the myocardial contusion is not severe it can be treated with medications. If shortness of breath is significant, the temporary use of supplemental oxygen may be needed. For a more severe myocardial contusion, more significant interventions including cardiac imaging and surgery will often be a necessity. In some cases, the permanent placement of a defibrillator or pacemaker may also be a necessity.

Chest Injury in Car Crash

If you have suffered a myocardial contusion resulting from a chest injury in a car crash, you should contact the Thomas J. Henry Law firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Texas. You deserve proper compensation for the damages sustained in the accident, including payment of all medical and treatment bills, lost wages, damage to your vehicle, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Thomas J. Henry has the experience, the expertise, and determination to get their clients the large settlements and verdicts they deserve. Call Thomas J. Henry today at 361-221-5053.

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