Woman Files Lawsuit After Being Struck by Drum Stick at a Styx Concert

According to Fox 25, a woman in the audience at a Styx concert was hit in the face by a drum stick that was thrown into the crowd. She is now pursuing legal action against the band’s drummer.

About the Incident

Lori Frederick attended a Styx performance at Aaron’s Amphitheatre in Lakewood in June where she was hit in the face with a drumstick thrown by band member Todd Sucherman.

The drumstick did result in injuries, and Frederick’s clothes were covered in blood. She has since faced personal loss and time away from work.

Frederick is now suing Sucherman, alleging he “negligently threw a drumstick into the audience during the performance.”

Details of the Styx Lawsuit

The lawsuit also states that Sucherman didn’t give “timely and proper warning to allow Frederick to fully protect herself from injury.”

The lawsuit incudes that Sucherman’s actions raise “the presumption of conscious indifference to actions’ and the TMB productions that owned, operated, or managed Styx “have been stubbornly litigious, acted in bad faith.”

The purpose of Frederick’s lawsuit is to be compensated for damages, medical expenses, and lost income.

Styx’s spokesman and attorney have yet to comment on the incident.

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