2 Dead, 10 Hospitalized After Three-Vehicle Crash in Uvalde

Two people are dead and 10 others have been hospitalized following a multi-vehicle crash in Uvalde, Texas on Wednesday.

Details of the Uvalde Crash

According to KSAT, the Uvalde truck crash occurred at the intersection of Getty Street and Main Street around 6:30 pm.

Police say Border Patrol agents saw a black truck traveling at a high rate of speed on Highway 90. Shortly after, the pickup slammed into an 18-wheeler and a third vehicle at the intersection.

Two occupants of the black truck were killed. Several others were injured.

Police said the Uvalde crash did involve migrants.

Injured people were taken to multiple hospitals between Uvalde and San Antonio for treatment. Their conditions were not available.

The Uvalde car accident remains under investigation.

Intersection Safety Tips for Drivers

Nearly 50 percent of all crashes recorded in the United States occur at intersections. From slowing traffic to intersecting lanes, there are a number of potential hazards drivers must navigate when passing through an intersection.

Here are the top five things to keep in mind when driving through an intersection.

  • Stay vigilant. As you arrive at an intersection, keep an eye out for other motorists and pedestrians. Avoid distractions, observe your surroundings, and be aware of potential blind spots.
  • Do not try to beat the yellow light. It may be tempting to rush through that yellow light, but the risks are not worth it. Trying means your focus is not where it should be, looking out for potential hazards. Slow down and come to a stop if the light is turning red.
  • Allow safe following distance. Rear-end collisions are among the most common crashes reported at intersections. Do not assume to know another driver’s actions. Allow for safe following distance so you can react to traffic ahead of you and unexpected slowing, stops, or lane changes.
  • Use your signals. Traffic signals are a great way to alert other drivers of your attention. If you are changing lanes or turning, make sure you use the appropriate signals.
  • Proceed with caution. After a red light turns green, always check for other traffic before proceeding into the intersection. Drivers attempting to beat the red light often blow through the intersection well after the light changes. Do not assume a green light means it is safe to go.

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